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Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude is the answer

It is an ancient philosophy, law, beingness inherent in all humans, in our DNA, since birth.  Our struggles in life are to help us remain that way against all odds

Any time you get burdened with thoughts of worry or fear, just chant

"hoo'oponopono, hoo'oponopono, hoo'oponopono, hoo'oponopono, hoo'oponopono" .. for about 10-15 minutes daily to be free of those thoughts.

Thank people even when they have given you the feelings of hurt, because they have stretched you past your limits and made you stronger than otherwise

Forgive them so that you can enjoy every moment of the present experience without allowing the past experiences to cloud it, limit it or cause fear in your boundless imagination

Have compassion or empathy that you yourself might have done the same in this or past lives, or even in the future, if you were in their shoes or for that experience

Love everyone for being different to you, so that you may love yourself just as you are


Be conscious of your brain waves and try to meditate so that your brain waves are peaceful like Delta (not rush rush beta).  Take deep breaths and allow your Higher self to connect your subconscience with your conscience.  You then have the frequency of Love within your entire being and you can access all the information in the Universe, now, in the future and in the past.  In essence, there is no linear time in the Love frequency, as all exists in the now.  It is possible to go back in time and view things from a newer perspective and make changes and then be free from any regrets.  Be proud of every experience you have to allow yourself to fully learn from it and transmute it out into the Universe for all to benefit from it, to protect others, to enable remedial action, to educate those who are in slumber, to prevent bigger disasters.


Do not dwell on anything negative in your life.  By doing so you are taking away from yourself the better opportunities that await.  Sometimes we want life to go slower or faster and by focussing on what we want, rather than what we don't want, we can prepare for a better life.  For example, focus on the solution to a problem once the problem is identified, not on analysing the problem.  Avoiding the problem in future is secondary to resolving it.  


Actually, we exist with several different bodies within a physical body, the mental, spiritual, emotional, etheric and light bodies, which are all useful tools for our journeys through our many lives on Earth and other planets.  It is not surprising that some of our family members who have left their physical bodies on planet Earth, wish to visit us in their many forms in many places in higher dimensions.


Imagine learning all the experiences everyone is having and living their lives.  That is the art of selflessness.  It is not to neglect one self but to enrich ones life's experiences exponentially.


Imagine you are one with all in the universe, you have access to all of it and you are an owner participant of it.  Whe we are born, we come just as ourself and we spend our life collecting rubbish and then we leave it all behind.  What we take with us is our experiences, our fondest memories of love and we provide those remaining with the love we projected and continue to project.  


Imagine the sky is full of zillions of helpers all wanting to come and assist us anytime they are called.  Sometimes, where the experience is for the benefit of man-kind, they may be prevented from interfering, such as allowing the wars to wake people up to make the forceful changes required to enable the people to take control of the planet from the Dark Hat controllers, those who had their lives taken over by remote controllers (satellites, brain computer chips, black operations).  The angels from the Galactic Federation of Love & Light ("akaal" as in "Satstriakaal" in Sikhism, means freedom from Darkness, "Sat" means Golden Age or Sat yug, Kaal means Dark age).  In Hinduism, the angels are recognised as having lighter bodies in flying chariots "vimanas" and the series "Dwarkadheesh" and "Devon ke Dev Mahadev" depict the powers of the angels to be anywhere and everywhere at any time, now then and in the future, all in service to the Love in all.   

1. The Federal Grand Jury  

The Federal Grand Jury -

2. Archbishop Desmond Tutu - How to deal with thousands of cases in a very short time

Truth Committees were set up in South Africa to provide swift reparations and reconciliations including forgiveness & compensation for thousands of victims.  It was painful for many to hear the accounts.  Today, we must provide opportunities for the Youth to be actively involved in their own futures. 

A) BBC documentary - Youtube Desmond Tutu on Truth Committees & Forgiveness

B) Website of Desmond Tutu on involving the Youth in Peace projects

3. Abraham Lincoln How to set up a Grand Jury

Although this channelled message is inaccurate - a jury consists of 12 members, not 10, a grand jury consists of 24, it describes in detail how important it is to listen to both sides and allow people to reflect on what they have done, how they have learned from it and receive apologies from the heart into the heart, in understanding and silence without judgement or condemnation.

A) "We will look into every nook and cranny, peer into every hole, in our search for those who have done any injustice to our land and to our people"

4. FREE CONFERENCE & FREE TELEPHONE CALL via free internet conference software & free flash phone 

Are you good with computers?  You can set up an account with and download a free flash phone.  This will enable you to connect with up to a thousand people at a teleconference to deal with VIRTUAL Grand Juries ONLINE in the comfort of your own home

See the short video and you can connect with a 1000 others, anywhere in the world, Free of Charge, within minutes

Check out Jim Gow's web site at for the latest information on the free flash phone (voip-voice over internet) which replaces Skype on this number.

How about setting aside an hour a week to help others with their set ups from your account.  Invite people to join you.  Train others to do the same. 

1. Click on HD Conferencing

2. Click on Flash phone

3. Click "List of Numbers" - Select the telephone number from the drop down menu - 559 726 1300 which does not need a SKYPE connection - 

4. Enter the six digit Access Code of the Conference you wish to attend, without the hash 

5. Click "Place Call" 

6. Learn how to record the conference for playback, mute, etc

7. For playback, use the above sequence at 3. select 559 726 1399 using the same access code

Learn how to fast forward by 1 minute (Press 6) or rewind (Press 4)