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True Love   

Love that is true,

Is not temporary but lasts through,

This life, next and beyond,

For it is a love that is fond,

Of a connection with the soul and the heart,

Where a connection with the body is but a part.

True love searches for a Soul mate,

Where there is true love, there is no hate.

True love is pure, like that showered by God, Allah, Ishwar,

Through the magnificent powers to protect us, called ‘Nature’,

Or Mother Earth, the Universe and the Sun.

Love always looks at the bright side, is forgiving and fun!

Short-lived illusionary, conditional love is but a stepping-stone,

Towards the path to God, with Him we are not alone.

When all else fails God’s love is still alive,

Thus towards Him we must all strive!

However, whilst traversing along God’s path we happen to find,

A loving Soul mate of like mind,

We must regard it as a blessing and a treasure,

Trust, its value is priceless, so enjoy the pleasure!

Such was the bond between Lord Krishna and Radha

Despite Him being married to Rukmani and Sattya Bhama,

All songs recite Radha as His true love and His Soul-mate.

Such was the power of true love in their fate.

True love survives all adversities of life e.g. as in the story of Majnu and Laila,

Also, according to Vedic scriptures, in the story of Rama and Sita.

They experienced the power of true love during cycles of reincarnation,

Whereby they were united after great suffering and a long period of separation.

As we progress through the spectrum of experiences, within life cycles,

Taking on new body forms, which act as vehicles,

Through repeated sufferings we become enlightened,

Thus, we are no longer fearful, nor frightened.

We become aware that we are an Atma (Soul) connected with God i.e. Parmatma

A beautiful experience, divine like the scent from ’Raat Ki Raani’ a wonderful aroma.      

Thus true love like God’s is divine and beautiful,

Thus true love like God’s is divine and colourful,

Thus true love like God’s is divine and peaceful,

Thus true love like God’s is divine and powerful.

Thus true love like God’s is divine and unconditional!

True love, other than God’s is a rare find,

It is selfless, wonderful, gentle, forgiving and kind.

Now that we know what we are looking for,

We are equipped to knock on the right door!

By Sadhana Dolly Chaudhari   12.02.16