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1. A Grand Jury of 24 volunteers for every 3000 UK citizens   

The Federal Grand Jury -

The Magna Carta 1215

The British Constitution Group

So you want to nullify violations of the Constitution? A humorous debate

2. Archbishop Desmond Tutu - How to deal with thousands of cases in a very short time

Truth Committees were set up in South Africa to provide swift reparations and reconciliations including forgiveness & compensation for thousands of victims.  It was painful for many to hear the accounts.  Today, we must provide opportunities for the Youth to be actively involved in their own futures. 

A) BBC documentary - Youtube Desmond Tutu on Truth Committees & Forgiveness

B) Website of Desmond Tutu on involving the Youth in Peace projects

Although this channelled message is inaccurate - a jury consists of 12 members, not 10, a grand jury consists of 24, it describes in detail how important it is to listen to both sides and allow people to reflect on what they have done, how they have learned from it and receive apologies from the heart into the heart, in understanding and silence without judgement or condemnation.

"We will look into every nook and cranny, peer into every hole, in our search for those who have done any injustice to our land and to our people"

4. FREE CONFERENCE & FREE TELEPHONE CALL via free internet conference software & free flash phone 

Are you good with computers?  You can set up an account with and download a free flash phone.  This will enable you to connect with up to a thousand people at a teleconference to deal with VIRTUAL Grand Juries ONLINE in the comfort of your own home

See the short video and you can connect with a 1000 others, anywhere in the world, Free of Charge, within minutes

Check out Jim Gow's web site at for the latest information on the free flash phone (voip-voice over internet) which replaces Skype on this number.

How about setting aside an hour a week to help others with their set ups from your account.  Invite people to join you.  Train others to do the same. 

1. Click on HD Conferencing

2. Click on Flash phone

3. Click "List of Numbers" - Select the telephone number from the drop down menu - 559 726 1300 which does not need a SKYPE connection - 

4. Enter the six digit Access Code of the Conference you wish to attend, without the hash 

5. Click "Place Call" 

6. Learn how to record the conference for playback, mute, etc

7. For playback, use the above sequence at 3. select 559 726 1399 using the same access code

Learn how to fast forward by 1 minute (Press 6) or rewind (Press 4)